Thursday, November 26, 2015



Have circumstances ever left you alone on a holiday? Well, today is my first Thanksgiving without being at a huge family dinner.

Do not feel sorry for me.  I have actually been looking forward to this day.

I just woke up, but I’m planning on a very self-absorbed day:

·         Instead of fixing a pot of coffee for one, I just made myself a triple espresso with my handy dandy Nespresso machine -- that’ll jack me up.

·         I think I will stay in my pajamas all day long…an old pair of soft, loose Gilligan O’Malley bottoms and a pullover hoodie.

·         I plan to play a little piano which I’m teaching myself to do.  I want to learn just one Beatles song, and I’ll consider myself a success.

·         A totally good intention, I have, is addressing Christmas cards…I picked up some beautiful cards at Barnes and Noble. 

·         Home alone with me and those shopping channels – I’ve just convinced myself I need an I-Ring….glad my hub isn’t home to see me order it.  I’m changing channels now.

·         Sex and the City marathon on the Oxygen channel.  I never get tired of those NYC girls.

·         My best buddies, two little schnauzers, are here to keep me company.

·         And, yes, turkey plus the sides that I love.  (No green bean casserole for me, thank you.)

Ok…a glitch just happened to my plan---See the package with the two turkey legs?  I pulled them out to throw them in the crockpot and they are still frozen solid.  SOLID!  It is Thanksgiving and I want turkey.  The alternative is oyster stew for which I have all the ingredients, but no, turkey has been on my agenda for a good two weeks.

So much for the “staying in my pajamas” all day plan.  I took a shower, got dressed and headed to the grocery.  (I clean up and look pretty decent, just to find that everyone else wears pajamas to the market on Thanksgiving morning.  I judge not, though, because I looked down to see my Birkenstocks and black socks….hope I don’t see anyone I know.  Actually, I did see a co-worker.  I ran the other way and got out of the store more than fast


The deli had sliced rotisserie turkey.  Four slices please.  Then, on my way home.

Thank you, Sweet Baby Jesus!  Starbucks is open.  I might as well.  …shoot, it’s crowded; everyone is there….almost like a party atmosphere.  Grande Flat White to go.   It is always a good day when I can have a Flat White.  

(Plus, I picked up a slice of Starbucks’ gingerbread loaf for a little dessert tonight. Smells fabulous.)

Back to the feast:  As you can also tell from my blog pic, Bob Evans is my personal chef for the day.  

I’m just going to doctor the dressing a little with more of this and that; and put together a little sweet potato must have butter, brown sugar, marshmallows and pecans.  Nuke all the rest and dinner is served.  (I can’t believe I’ve used a whole stick of butter for this little event…damn.  I’ll count the WW points later.) 

Which bottle of wine do I choose…?  White, right?   I told my hub to leave me some white…and he certainly did.

I think it is appropriate to use the china and crystal.  (Where are my linen napkins?  Oh...forget about it. Dogs don’t mind paper napkins.)  Look, I even lit a candle. …say a little grace as my parents taught me and dig in.   Not bad for a Home Alone Thanksgiving.  Quite nice, actually.

Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll.  (That is really what we say around here. No joke.)

P.S.  Time for my next favorite Thanksgiving thing, The Nap, with my doggies. 

P.P.S.  The gingerbread was delish with a nice espresso.



Sassy Chickee'

Samantha, Photo Dog

Wednesday, April 15, 2015



It is still somewhat cool outside and the great deal about it is just that: you can get a really great deal on winter shoes right now.   Not to mention, there is still plenty of time to look fabulous in my favorite season's foot fashions. The fact is--these lovelies can go into summer if you want...and I do.

Take a look at these booty beauties and other gorgeous footwear--

There is no way to keep my inner jungle woman hidden with these.  By Gianni Bini.


Above--These will get their attention.  Here's a scenario:  You are holding a meeting at your so-very-conservative place of business.  You walk in a little late because that's just the way you are...but who is going to question you when you are wearing these little pointed-toe stiletto ankle boots? They simply say, "I am serious...don't mess with me."  Grrrr.


You can never have too many black the detailing around the neck shaft.

In brown, too...a year round color. Antonio Melani

Leather Cross-Ts in Cranberry and Tan.  Antonio Melani.

Black and Sexy.  Antonio Melani.

Animal Prints Rule!   Antonio Milani.

Love the Strap!  Donald Pilner.

Gold detail ankle high heel booties.  Just the right height for me. I can't even pretend to walk in anything higher.  Vince Camuto.

What's not to like?  Very stud!  

Last but not least---here is a little tribute to my fave band...a modern day Beatle boot.
Steve Madden.

Okay, so that's it...these are just some of my faves from the cool season.  I'm always on the hunt for great-looking boots.   Seriously, I could wear boots year round.  Are you a boot lover?



Sassy Chickee', Editor-At-Large
Sweet Pink Sam, Photo Dog

Thursday, January 1, 2015




I wrote the "Big Boys in Tight Spandex" post below when I was on an, “Ohhh, I love football and cannot wait to watch the games” high.  Well...pffft to that.  My opinion of the game and players has changed. 

Holy NFL Hell broke loose, in the media, just a few days after I wrote the post below this one.  All of a sudden, football players were in trouble for domestic abuse, child abuse, and criminal actions; multiple NFL bad-boy activities came to light.    I quickly became disgusted with all of the badness I had been reading about, both past and present.   

Just to name a few: 

A dumbass Dallas Cowboy shoplifted a bottle of cologne.  WHY?  He had money to buy it; he had a $2 million + rookie contract.

Star quarterback beats 3 alleged rape charges. (Who would root for this guy?)

A bully football player harassed and threw racist remarks at his team-mate “friend” and, basically, forced the “friend” to resign from the team.

Football player knocks his fiancĂ©e out in an elevator and drags her out.  Oh, and then he tries to prop her up when other people start showing up to the scene.  What an asshole!

A football player beats two of his children…both 4-year olds.  One child had a swollen scrotum; the other is now scarred on his forehead by his dad’s hand.  Ok – these are babies…4-year olds are babies! What horrible thing could those little children have done to deserve such beatings?  AND, what beatings do we not know about that have not been reported? (I do not accept that crappy rationale about the player being raised in the same disciplinarian manner.  That’s a bunch of cop-out BS and everyone knows it.)

Let us not forget the New England Pats’ gangsta accused of multiple killings.  He had just signed a $40 million contract.  Gawd! Oh well, it looks like he’ll be able to take care of himself behind bars…no worries there.

There are so many more NFL domestic abuse cases…approximately 56 cases since 2006.  Again, I wonder how many have not been reported or were swept under the rug.

I mean, “What are these idiots thinking?  Are they dumb or are they innately violent?” 

Well, I’m on my own personal football boycott in my house.  I cannot totally extinct the game because my husband does not appear to have the same activist thoughts on this as I do.  He’s watching a game right now and I can hear the noise.  

But, not me, no way will I watch pro football anytime soon.  I’m off the.   This leaves more free hours for me to read or shop or, well, doing anything would be more productive than watching football. 

By the way, one more thought:  Remember when people used to make fun of Tebow for his prayer kneel?  I would have to say that we need more players with Mr. Tebow's values.

“Talent does not trump character.” – Quote from Wes Moore




Friday, August 22, 2014

Don't Know Much About Football



Ok...I am going to admit it.  I am a dunce when it comes to football.  Just saying it seems so un-American, really.  I love the game environment (party) and I can yell "Who Dat!" all day long, but when it comes to the technical aspects of football,  I'm pretty ignorant.

Sometimes, I think that maybe I just like watching hunky, big shouldered guys in tight spandex.  

My goal for this Fall's football season is to actually watch the games and be intelligent enough to discuss them during and after the game.  Specifically,  I want to talk to my husband about football without him thinking, "I can't believe you asked me that."  And...I want to be able to talk about the games with my co-workers the next one of the Monday-morning quarterbacks, as they are called.

Just off the top of my head, here are some of the terms I do know:
  • Tackle -- The guy with the ball is taken down by player from opposite team.
  • Interception -- the thrown ball is caught by the wrong team.
  • Touchdown -- The ball is carried over the line at the end of the field.
  • Touchback -- I think it means the opposite team intercepted the ball and ran across their own goal line.
  • Offensive -- These are the quarterback and running backs.  (And babies do got back :-D)
  • Defensive -- Guys who tackle and try to stop the QB and running backs.
  • Clip -- I think that's when a guy reaches out and clips another football...oh heck, really I don't know about that one. 

That's it!  That's about all I know with regard to the technicalities/plays of football.  I don't even know what a "scrimmage" is and that word is used all the time.


When I first met my then-boyfriend/now-husband in the early 1970's, he was a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan.  (Seriously, he and his buddies wore Cowboys socks on game day.  So funny-but I let it go.) So, I would "watch" the games with him...knowing this was something he wanted to do a football.   I was very good at knowing the Cowboys' names: Roger Staubach, Drew Pearson, Coach Tom Landry... You know, I knew the basics, the coach, the players, and their numbers.  But don't ask me what a "flag on the play" actually meant, because I just coudn't tell you.   (Really, at that point, the most important thing about football was that I never complained about having to watch it all the freaking time.  Cause why?  Cause I knew then-boyfriend liked it so much.  Part of my game was watching those see.  Listen and learn, ladies.  Football is the way to a man't heart.)


When we went to college games, I'd sit up in those bleachers and I couldn't tell you who had the dang of those guys down on the field, but which one, I dunno.   It was more interesting to watch the people at the games than the game, itself.  I only knew to yell and clap and scream "Run!" when everyone else did.  (I just followed suit of the crowd wearing the orange and black team colors.) 

Yes, I was such a good girlfriend to give so much of my time to football for my guy.

But, now, 40 years later...I'm thinking, "I'm going to figure this game out."   Not having figured it out after so long a time, is probably why my husband gives me those ridiculous looks when I ask a football question.  It's the look of, "After all this time, you still don't know what's going on?"  That's why, on football game days,  I usually head out the door to go shopping.  I equate all-day football games for him with all-day shopping for me. The hub doesn't miss me.  When I get home, he's usually in the same tv-viewing position in which I left him earlier in the day.  He does sometimes move from the chair to sofa, to stretch out.

So I have a plan to really learn football.  Here's how I will research the game:
  • Listen to the NFL station on Sirius XM, Channel.
  • Read the daily football news on ESPN website. 
  • Watch the 24/7 NFL football channel. (I won't be watching it 24/7...I'm not that crazy into this.)
  • Anytime I hear someone talking football, I'll just dip in and listen.
  • I like the Saints so I'll be checking their website on a daily basis.  (It's that whole "Who Dat!?" thing.  Also, I do love the fleur-de-lis emblem...that is cool.)

Wow! That sounds like a lot of work...and I need to get all this research down fast because pre-season is already happening and the real season is fast approaching.

Really -- after all these years of having football on television for 6 months out of each year, why haven't I figured out this sport?  

Maybe, I am more interested in looking at big shouldered men with tight spandex'd butts.  (Also, have you ever noticed the way they slap each other on the behinds?  It's kinda sexy.)

Yes. I so want to be one!
Does anyone know why the players count off those numbers, in the huddle, before they play?  What in the heck do those numbers mean?      

- HBC -

Sassy Chickee' - Editor At Large

SweetPinkSam - Photo Dog

Photo Credits--left to right, top to bottom

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Guy flying through the Air -- Pinterest,
Foxy Guys on TV  --  SweetPinkSam, Photo Dog for HBC
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Monday, March 31, 2014



The current Russian/Putin happenings have revived one of my childhood dreams of being a secret agent, a spy.  (A double-naught spy was what Jethro, on The Beverly Hillbillies, called himself.)

When I was a kid, during the 60's, there were a lot of spy television shows that alluded to or might suggest Russia as the evil empire that had to be infiltrated by the good guys.  (The Cold War was always big in the news.)

I was totally into those spy and private-eye TV series:  Secret Agent Man, I Spy, The Avengers, Honey West, Mission Impossible.   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. was a fave;  I mean, the character, Illya Kuryakin, was my main man.  I also read the U.N.C.L.E. books...oh yeah, I was definitely interested in learning to be a spy.  (I had my spy necessities: a little flashlight, invisible ink pen, binoculars.  Just think of all the fantastic techie spy stuff available today.)

I really wanted to be like April Dancer,  The Girl from U.N.C.L.E., or Emma Peel, from The Avengers. Those female leads, April Dancer and Emma Peel, always wore the most stylish clothes, and this could have been a big spy wanna-be factor for me, too.  They were always outfitted totally awesome, very mod; after all, the fashionable 60's were in full swing.  (My own signature clothing choice would be the catsuit, trench coat, and stiletto boots.)

Like I said, it was a childhood dream, but I just knew that I would grow up to be an international spy.   I'm a lot older, now, than how I originally perceived my original spy-self, but with the world's current events, maybe it is not that crazy of an idea. (The news keeps referring to a new Cold War...and I'm thinking, here's my chance, just 50 years later.)

This BoomerChick could go undercover in many disguises and roles:
  • I could play a sexy Italian Contessa (the always present femme fatale) who catches the bad guy by dropping truth serum into his cocktail. 
  • I could go undercover as a sweet-little-lady bed & breakfast owner, living in the English Cotswolds, who pilfers through the suspicious guests' luggage looking for clues.
  • How about the role of damsel-in-distress?  I could be a single woman traveler who gets "lost" in Moscow; I ask a certain KGB agent for help, and end up with important Kremlin secrets. 
Would my husband understand if I told him that I'm changing careers to be an undercover secret agent?  

I'm sure there is an international organization that needs me to help save the free world.

Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Mr. Waverly?

How about you...what did you want to be when you grew up!  Any other spy wanna-bes out there?


Sweet Pink Sam, Photo Dog
Sassy Chickee' -- Editor at Large

Tuesday, January 28, 2014




There are some gorgeous shoes and boots still available this winter season and I'm in the market for them. Always.

The season's footwear came in some wonderful suedes, leathers and vegan materials.  Some were very detailed and some were much more subdued.  I like to have a little of both.

ABOVE - Lawzee!   I think I could get into some trouble strutting my stuff in these tuff little kickers.  Black suede with gold on the toes and heels...little gold studs all over. These definitely show attitude, Ladies.  I'm watching and waiting for these little sweeties to go on sale. Gianni Bini, $129.99

Above - These black suede booties are really comfy looking with a nice sturdy heel.  Michael Kors, $195.

ABOVE - The wedge on these little suede boots create a good stable walk with a little added height.  (Wedgies are my friend...I hardly ever trip or wobble in wedged boots.) In black and brown. Antonio Melani, Rory, Sale $99.99.

ABOVE- Black western-style boots.   Now, where I live, these little babies are always in fashion...and you will see them in all  four seasons.  Once you break these boots in, you'll want
to wear them all the time...they get so soft...just like butter. 
Antonio Melani, $149.99.

ABOVE - How stud are these!? Black Moto boots with gold detailing.  Michael Kors' "Arley Ankle Boot," $225.


ABOVE - I love these red  suede booties with the high heel.  They are delicious.  There is a little gold zipper on the in-step.  These look good with jeans.  I'd wear them with an all black outfit...just my style.  Vince Camuto $129.

ABOVE:  MaryJane-esque suedies with a little higher heel.  Probably need both colors, tan and red...both a good office look.  Will work into late Spring.  

The tan are a little subdued, but perfect for any office.

Those red...!  I'm a sucker for red shoes.  These shoes say, "Don't mess with me because...I'm fierce in my red shoes."  

Antonio Melani, "Angie" $89.99.


ABOVE - Once in awhile, there is a time and place when you need a big, brash statement.  Dig these platform sandals!!  I think they are very SteamPunk-y...but 30 years ago, young new-wavy Chicky would not have hesitated to step out in these.  (I think I may even be able to pull them off now...with the right outfit.) I love the boldness.              BCBG GENERATION, "Maddison"  Sale $70.80.


Flats this season have a lot of fun details, brads, studs, metal, beads.


ABOVE -  These turquoise fabric slippers are covered in black flat beads in a geometric design.    They can be be worn into Spring and Summer.    Gianni Bini, "Averies"  Sale $47.99.


ABOVE - Black shoes with gold metals were all over the place this season!   Check out these black patent leather ballet slippers with gold toe grills...edgy and elegant.    J.C.Penney, $40.

Did you have a fave style this season?

Happy Shopping!!